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    Mime Wars: Rogue User

    A long time ago in an office far, far away… *horns – Ba-da-da-da-da duh-duh-dun dun dun dah*

    by Bob Adams


    Castor, a young Rebel officer toils away at his desk counting the parsecs *true fan only joke* until he can escape the monotony of labor. It has been an exhaustive holiday season and he’s been warned by his superiors that Imperial Officers of the Galactic Empire are planning to attack the Republic’s Finance Installation.

    Across the galaxy, a remote Wookie base known to the Empire for assisting the Rebels is in peril. The base is hard at work attempting to reestablish communication with the outside world and keep their defenses intact after a malicious transmission was opened that has taken down their communication array and spread darkware across their network. With the Rebel’s close allies incapacitated, the Alliance continues to be at risk and the Empire decides now is the time to strike.

    As Castor is preparing the end of year financials, an urgent incoming message on his droid appearing to come from General Organa herself arrives: “Castor, we are overdue on a payment to Jabba the Hut and need to pay immediately to avoid being cast into the pit of Sarlacc. Wire 10,000 credits by following the attached instructions.”

    Upon opening the file, Castor finds it had been converted from the original file and can’t enable editing as the file instructs. Unbeknownst to Castor, a member of the Dark Side is attempting to infiltrate the Republic to steal clearance codes for the attack. Castor attempts to click on the link in the email to report a problem and finds he is also prevented from accessing the site.

    Meanwhile, Lieutenant Myk, a Jedi in hiding and Castor’s Commanding Officer, receives alerts on his logistics droid TTP-3 of suspicious activity and discovers Castor is the victim of a devious attack. Thinking quickly, Myk uses the Force for an important scene saving voice-over moment to alert Castor of the attack.

    Quick thinking and bad acting were powerful enough to stop the Dark Side this time, but only the ongoing vigilance of rebel soldiers like Myk and Cast is what will keep the impending threat away in the never-ending sequels and spin-offs to come. The Wookie base, however, using only their built-in protection is still at risk and that’s where we join this story…


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