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    IP EXPO 2015: Those Who Respect Risk Will Reap the Rewards


    Question: what’s happened between this year’s IP EXPO Europe and last year’s? Answer: the security arms race has gone into overdrive.

    Twelve months seems a short time, but in that period attacking techniques have matured markedly – now hackers are regularly employing sophisticated social engineering techniques in email and instant messages to trick staff. Also, the payload is now becoming more varied with a renewed focus on weaponized attachments used to infiltrate organizations.

    There have been numerous security breaches in the last year, the damage they have caused has been significant, and even trusted names such as Kaspersky and LastPass have fallen victim.

    So, what’s the next step to protect your organization?

    Neutralizing these relentless and sophisticated attacks demands a deep commitment to security. It means investing in the right technology of course but I believe that it's employees who could be the strongest allies of IT managers in fighting back against these threats.

    We have seen this before. The security and intelligence services rely on sophisticated surveillance technology but the vigilance and support of the general public is a key line of defense in the battle against terrorists and criminals.

    Comprehensive and regular employee awareness programs are an important line of defense in an organization. Building this human firewall will be one of the themes I’ll be addressing in my presentations at IP EXPO this year.

    I’ll also be focusing on how migrating to Office 365 presents an opportunity but also significant risks that need to be considered.

    Details of my two presentations are below:

    • ‘Office 365: Risk or Reward? Or Both?’ at 1:00 pm on Wednesday the 7th of October in the Network & Cloud Infrastructure Theatre
    • ‘What's Stopping You Being the next Big Data Breach?’ at 1:40 pm on Thursday the 8th of October in the Cyber Threat Protection Theatre

    If you'd like to find out more, drop in to see us (Stand #CC19, in the Cyber Security Europe section) to talk about the risks surrounding on-premises and Office 365 email infrastructure. 

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