Renewi has 7000 employees securely emailing

Ransomware can jeopardize waste collection

No employee can do without ICT these days. Employees who spend large parts of the day on the road also need access to e-mail, for example. But especially on a small screen, a link in a malicious e-mail is quickly clicked. For ‘waste-to-product company’ Renewi reason to make e-mail security a top priority.

Waste does not exist. It is a striking credo for a company that has its roots in ‘waste services’. Yet it is Renewi’s conviction that it was created in February 2017 following a merger between Van Gansewinkel in the Netherlands and Shanks in the UK. According to the recycling company, all raw material streams have a value.

By giving used materials a new life, Renewi is working towards a world without waste. Of the 14 million tonnes of waste that Renewi processes annually in nine countries, more than 90% is recycled or used for energy generation. A nice percentage, but not enough for the merged company. Through investments in new equipment and innovations Renewi wants to contribute even more to a sustainable world.


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