Connective Brokers

Mimecast helps Connective Brokers achieve lightweight, fun and engaging security training and awareness.

At A Glance

  • Connective is Australia’s largest mortgage aggregation network, supporting around 3000 brokers in Australia. Connective deals with $250m a day in mortgage applications or around one in nine homeloans in Australia will go through Connective’s software platform.

“So the social, security training and awareness for our staff is a real key in our strategy,”

Jonathan Meadows Head of IT at Connective Broker Services

“We were looking for something that was lightweight fun and engaging but still getting the message across. Mimecast ticked all of the boxes.”

“Executive buy-in is key. Once you have this, it will cascade the teams and it will also show some strength in leadership on how the business takes security. You need to know there has been a breach and have a good plan in place to deal with that breach as quickly as possible.”

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