Die globale Anwaltskanzlei Bird & Bird LLP entscheidet sich für Mimecast, um auf E-Mail beruhende Bedrohungen abzuwehren


Bird & Bird LLP first contacted Mimecast in 2010 to address the ever-increasing levels of spam. Mimecast’s cloud security service helped minimise the amount of spam, provided continuity services for the firm’s email, simplified its email archiving, and reduced the complexity of the email process when the firm merged with other firms. More recently, Bird & Bird turned to Mimecast to help solve a new challenge: the increase in targeted email-borne threats such as ransomware and spear-phishing.

Solution Implemented

Jon Spencer, Infrastructure Manager at Bird & Bird explains how email-borne threats are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated. “First it was just attachments, then links within the message body, and more recently, attachments with embedded links and password-protected documents,” says Spencer. “It’s important that we stop these threats at an early stage”. Impersonation attacks, particularly emails claiming to be from the CEO or CFO, were also increasing. Bird & Bird chose to add Mimecast’s Targeted Threat Protection (TTP) solution on top of its existing Mimecast solutions for Anti-spam/Anti-virus, business continuity and archiving. “Without a doubt, Mimecast has helped protect us from new email-related threats,” says Spencer. “Another additional benefit of Mimecast’s TTP is that it gives both prospective and current clients of the firm peace of mind that their data is secure. In fact, Bird & Bird often refer to the Mimecast suite of solutions in client pitch questionnaires, demonstrating the lengths it goes to in order to maintain the security of its network and client data” says Spencer.

In Summary

The Mimecast service, in combination with other controls, has significantly improved Bird & Bird’s overall security. Utilising Mimecast as the first line of defence has enabled internal email management resources to remain consistent, particularly as the firm grows internationally.

Bird & Bird NEW
Sector: Legal
Size: 2,500 End Users
Location: Global

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