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    Forrester Report: The Human Risk Management Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024

    Forrester report provides an overview of vendors as security awareness training evolves into human risk management

    Wichtige Punkte

    • New research from Forrester confirms the importance of the evolution of security awareness training into the human risk management market.
    • Mimecast, which recently acquired Elevate Security, has been named among notable vendors in the report.
    • Now is the time for security professionals to evolve their security awareness training to include human risk management. This report offers guidance. 

    “Forrester predicts that 90% of data breaches in 2024 will have a human element, up from 74% in 2023.”

    The report lists Mimecast among “notable vendors” in the space. We believe Mimecast’s vision for HRM aligns powerfully with Forrester’s perspective on the future of the market. Moving beyond just security awareness training, Mimecast is integrating the Elevate Security platform into Mimecast products to provide customers with expert workforce cybersecurity skills assessments, adaptive human protection, and a reduction in their security training burden.

    Access the full Forrester report to learn more about the landscape.

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