Solutions Review: 32 Experts Share Advice on Information Security in 2022

    Peter Bauer, CEO, Mimecast

    “After years of high-volume breaches combined with employees sharing excessively via social media, the trove of personal information and intelligence available to attackers is extraordinary and beyond disturbing. This will enable adversaries to craft even more convincing attacks. They will exploit the human layer aggressively, resulting in significant business disruptions and a corrosion of trust. Email and cloud communication systems continue to provide attackers the ideal venue for to target their victims.”

    Elaine Lee, Staff Data Scientist, Mimecast

    “In light of rapidly advancing deep fake technology and increasing reliance on virtual collaboration tools due to the post-COVID-19 work arrangements, we should be concerned about malicious actors getting more sophisticated in their impersonation attempts. What was a cleverly written phishing email from a C-level email account in 2021 could become a well-crafted video or voice recording attempting to solicit the same sensitive information and resources in 2022 and beyond. After some incidents of a phishing attack of this nature, organizations will want to move toward verifying such content with a process (manual and/or automated) that results in an explicit ‘certificate of authenticity’ designation. Or, they may adopt more secure authentication regimes (e.g., blockchain) and require the originator of the voice/video content to authenticate in this manner.”

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