MyBroadband: Get cyber smart with 10 cybersecurity best practices

    According to Mimecast’s State of Email Security Report 2020, 85% of South African organisations experienced a business disruption, financial loss or other setback due to a lack of cyber preparedness last year.

    Cybersecurity and IT leaders can mitigate risk and the impact of damaging cyberthreats by incorporating the following best practices.

    1. Avoid unknown emails, links and pop-ups:

    Prevent malware infections with up-to-date virus scanning, spam detection and robust user training.

    2. Use strong password protection and authentication:

    Users should create strong, difficult-to-guess passwords and credentials – and change them often.

    Multifactor authentication provides an additional token of identification.

    3. Always connect to secure Wi-Fi:

    It is critical to secure any personal Wi-Fi networks, avoid unsecured public networks and give employees a virtual private network (VPN) so they can securely connect to the business network remotely.

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