eSecurity Planet: Top secure email gateway solutions for 2021

    The Best Secure Email Gateways

    eSecurity Planet editors reviewed a number of secure email gateway tools for a variety of use cases in arriving at this list. Here are our picks for the secure email gateways that stood out from the pack.


    Mimecast uses multi-layered detection engines to identify and neutralize threats, stopping malware, spam and targeted attacks before they reach the network. Administrators have granular control to establish data security protection policies globally, with the ability to make changes easily and apply them in real-time throughout the organization. In addition to ransomware protection, it can defend against malware, spam, and targeted attacks like CEO fraud, spear phishing email threats and advanced persistent threats.

    Mimecast’s key features

    • The Mimecast Email Security service is delivered as a single cloud solution with all functions integrated and engineered to work together
    • Includes a secure email gateway with data leak protection & content control and targeted threat protection, which includes URL, attachment, impersonation, and internal email protection
    • Capabilities, such as email continuity, sync & recover, large file send, secure messaging, and awareness training can be incorporated to provide expanded protection
    • Services such as DMARC and Brand Exploit Protection protect against brand and domain reputation
    • 100% email uptime SLA
    • Point-in-time backup and recovery of contacts, email, calendars and files
    • Low impact on daily operational process but high on configurability
    • Fast onboarding of the service – no hardware, updates, maintenance
    • An open API incorporates Mimecast into the broader ecosystem
    • Mimecast sees over five billion business emails every day and adapts based on a vast amount of data for threat, virus and spam intelligence
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