Daily Express: DWP warning as cost of living payment scam hits Britons - 'do not click!' 

    Dr Kiri Addison, Head of Data Scientist for Threat Intelligence and Overwatch at Mimecast, spoke to Express.co.uk about the scam. 

    She said: “It is no surprise to see cybercriminals using the cost-of-living crisis to their advantage and attempting to steal personal information from the public. 

    “Our researchers found an example of a scam targeting people and claiming to be from the DWP last week, with over 5,000 examples. 

    “These criminals are preying on the desperation that exists amongst many people that are currently struggling to pay bills at the moment, as well as using the confusion of the new Government laying out its legislative agenda.”

    Dr Addison explained scammers are often malleable when it comes to their approach.


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