Computable: Is Digital Trust Center worth its hefty investment?

    The DTC receives about 2.5 million a year from EZK for its activities. Is that worth it? Recent research by cybersecurity firm Mimecast shows that Dutch organizations pay an average of 96,000 euros to regain access to hostage data after a ransomware infection. A quick calculation (300 x 96,000 euros) shows that if DTC had indeed prevented ransomware attacks with its warnings, this would have saved 28.8 million euros in financial damage.

    Now this is an assumption and it is ultimately difficult to determine what exactly the effect of such a club is. What do you think? Is the DTC a useful government tool? Or is it better to leave that to the market? It is not without reason that a large number of internet-related organizations, united in the Anti Abuse Network (AAN), announced at the end of September that they would set up a joint platform to warn businesses about cyber vulnerabilities . Rode? It takes the initiators too long before the government has properly arranged information sharing about this.

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