Phishing Training

    Change employee behavior with Mimecast's phish testing solution. Customizable and easily integrated into our Awareness Training Platform.

    How to make phishing training easy and effective

    Phishing training is designed to move the needle on improving employee response to phishing attacks. Using tutorials and tests, phishing training aims to help employees better spot phishing emails and to know how to respond to these dangerous threats.

    But most phishing simulation programs are difficult to operate, hard to customize and impossible to integrate with the rest of your IT security awareness programs. Consequently, many companies find that phishing training and phish testing solutions don't actually perform as needed.

    Mimecast makes phishing training easy and productive by integrating phishing tests with the rest of our cloud-based awareness training and cybersecurity offerings. With Mimecast, there's no need to integrate systems, to hire consultants or to pay added message fees – everything is at your fingertips, ready to go.

    <p>How to make phishing training easy and effective</p>

    Mimecast simplifies phishing training

    Mimecast phishing training includes both security awareness training and simulated fishing tests.

    Mimecast phishing training is part of the Mimecast Awareness Training program that uses highly entertaining video content to engage employees in security awareness. Packaged in 3- to 5-minute segments and administered monthly, Mimecast Awareness Training uses humorous characters in a mini- sitcom format to keep employees interested as they're covering what is admittedly somewhat boring material and best practices.

    Mimecast phishing testing is an integrated module that lets you configure and launch a simulated phishing attack in just minutes. You can choose from templates based on real phishing emails – such as emails asking you to reset your password or to track a package – and you can customize the text and content to reflect the kinds of phishing attempts your employees are likely to see. Mimecast phishing training technology gives you full control over which messages each employee sees and when, with test results combined with training data to provide an individualized risk score for each employee.

    <p>Mimecast simplifies phishing training</p>

    Phishing training using real-world attacks

    In the near future, Mimecast will be the only security training provider to let you use authentic fishing emails in a protected environment, to give you and your employees a better sense of how their phishing training is working. These phishing emails are real-world attacks that have been defanged for training purposes. Since it's almost impossible to replicate the sophistication and inventiveness of genuine cyberattacks in a simulated program, Mimecast's real-world tests take phishing training to the next level.

    <p>Phishing training using real-world attacks</p>

    Additional awareness training programs

    In addition to phishing training and tutorials, Mimecast's security awareness training program provides employees with education on a wide variety of other cybersecurity threats. From ransomware and CEO fraud to GDPR compliance and how to spot an insider threat, Mimecast's cyber security awareness training gives employees a monthly shot of security awareness to keep them on their toes and to keep best practices top of mind. As an Online-Sicherheitsschulung program, Mimecast's offering can be accessed by workers anywhere, making it easy to roll out training worldwide. And with continual testing and personalized risk scoring, Mimecast Awareness Training helps you identify how well individuals and departments are doing, and who your riskiest users are.

    <p>Additional awareness training programs</p>

    FAQs: what is phishing training?

    What is phishing?

    Phishing is a type of cyber threat where an attacker uses a fraudulent email to dupe the recipient into revealing sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers or bank account information.

    What is phishing training?

    Phishing training educates employees about how phishing attacks work, how they can spot a phishing email, and best practices for avoiding a phishing attack.

    How effective is employee phishing training?

    The effectiveness of phishing training programs varies widely. Mimecast Awareness Training provides a highly effective approach to phishing training that combines humorous videos with testing and personalized risk scores to gauge employees' awareness and their level of risk in relationship to phishing attacks and other threats.

    <p>FAQs: what is phishing training?</p>

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