Office 365 DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

    Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention solutions provide protection against both an inadvertent leak and a malicious attack.

    What is Office 365 DLP?

    Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLPP) is Microsoft’s built-in DLP feature as part of the Office 365 Suite. It helps organizations protect sensitive information and prevent accidental or malicious data loss.

    What is DLP?

    Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a set of practices designed to secure confidential business data as well as detect and head off data loss resulting from breaches and malicious attacks. Most of these practices focus on email, which is the primary source of data leaks and loss.

    Is Office 365 robust enough?

    While Microsoft Office 365 provides a wide range of features and functionality, Office 365 DLP (data loss prevention) capabilities may not be robust enough to meet the needs of many organizations.

    Enhance Data Loss Prevention in Office 365

    While Microsoft Office 365 offers a broad range of benefits, many organizations today are feeling the need to augment data loss prevention in Office 365 deployments. Office 365 offers some limited data loss prevention tools, but with the threat of data leakage becoming a top security concern, many organizations are seeking ways to improve data loss prevention in Office 365 enterprise and business editions.

    Data leaks from Fortune 500 companies are increasingly front page news. The fallout from a malicious or inadvertent leak can include fines, law suits and compliance problems, as well as the inevitable loss of customer confidence and damage to reputation that accompanies a highly public leak.

    With a cloud-based email management platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft business and messaging platforms, Mimecast provides centralized tools for data loss prevention in Office 365. By adding Mimecast to a deployment, organizations can easily and cost-effectively improve security, archiving and continuity, as well as data loss prevention in Office 365.




    Data Loss Prevention for Office 365

    Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention is a cloud-based service that provides protection against both an inadvertent leak and a malicious attack.

    Mimecast’s solution uses keywords, dictionaries, pattern matching and file hashes to actively scan all email communications and attachments to identify potential leaks. Depending on the type and severity of the leak, administrators may configure Mimecast to respond by blocking the email, quarantining it for review, or sending it securely with encryption through Mimecast’s Secure Messaging service.

    Mimecast’s solution for data loss prevention in an Office 365 deployment enables organizations to:

    • Manage all DLP policies from a single web-based console and apply changes to all email traffic in real-time.
    • Use flexible content policy management and granular control to establish appropriate controls for specific users and groups.
    • Remove hidden metadata from Microsoft Word documents to reduce the possibility of unintentional leaks.
    • Add policy-based TLS encryption to protect against eavesdropping when email is in transit.


    Benefits of Data Loss Prevention in Office 365 with Mimecast

    Mimecast improves data loss prevention in Office 365 by:

    • Delivering superior support for legal and regulatory compliance needs.
    • Automatically notifying and educating users when a DLP security policy is breached.
    • Providing a single solution to enforce data breach prevention policy across multiple sites.
    • Consistently enforcing policies during email server outages.

    Learn more about managing data loss prevention in Office 365 with Mimecast.

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