Replace Barracuda with Mimecast

    Reset Your Security,
    Refresh Your Peace of Mind

    Protection for the top attack vector with Mimecast Email Security. Mimecast offers a seamless transition
    to a full cloud service with comprehensive support, ensuring no additional costs, risks, or resource demands.




    Get best-in-class protection in the cloud

    Help block email-based threats with 100% cloud-based, AI-powered, industry-leading detection, trusted by more than 40K customers



    Save time and improve security with simplified administration and management, and integrate Mimecast with your other security investments


    Lock in

    Set up your organization for success with best practice implementation and financial support to help you transition

    Every day, over 7 organizations replace their
    secure email gateway with AI-powered
    cloud email security from Mimecast*

    100% cloud-based
    No updates, patches, or management to worry about.
    100+ integration partners
    Integrate Mimecast with the rest of your security ecosystem for stronger security.
    One platform
    Manage all policies from a single platform.
    1.7B emails scanned daily
    Mimecast learns from 1.7B daily emails to improve intelligence and detection in real time.

    *This average is taken from June 2022-June 2023, it does not include the 2000+ customers that moved from M365 & Google to Mimecast.


    Every month, more than 14 organizations replace Barracuda’s hosted email gateway with Mimecast.**

    Change can be hard. Let Mimecast make the transition easier. 

    Mimecast has migrated thousands of customers through the Mimecast Bridge Program - offering a financially supported solution transition period to modernize your email security until your existing solution contract ends. Benefits include:

    • Create a plan to migrate safely
    • Get dedicated implementation, support, and project management resources
    • Financial support during switch to ensure you don’t double or overpay

    **This average is taken from June 2022-June 2023, it does not include customers moving to Mimecast from Barracuda ESG appliances.

    Best Support Mid Market.png

    Advanced capabilities from a comprehensive email security solution 

    Designed to secure even the most complex email environments, Mimecast Email Security delivers AI-powered detection and world-class efficacy, providing essential layered protection and remediation for any email environment.

    Mimecast offers best-in-class threat protection that combines advanced AI with comprehensive detection capabilities to help prevent known and zero-day threats from reaching your users.

    • 100% cloud-based protection
    • Powered by real-time intelligence
    • Trusted by more than 40K customers

    Get a comprehensive view of your threat landscape from a single administration console.

    • Hassle-free administration with no updates or patches
    • Granular policy controls with unlimited flexibility

    Our purpose-built integration platform offers a vast library of integrations and APIs to meet your unique and evolving security needs.

    • Integrate with best of breed security tools
    • Access pre-built integrations for rapid deployment
    • Build cyber resilience across your existing tools

    Replace your email gateway or enhance the native security provided by Microsoft with flexible deployment options and coverage for all email environments.

    • Cloud-native secure email gateway for all email platforms
    • Integrated solution for added Microsoft 365 protection
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