Email Security Awareness

    Improve email security awareness and prevent cyber risk with Mimecast's innovative security awareness training for employees.

    Improve email security awareness with Mimecast

    Email security awareness is the key to solving one of your greatest security risks: human error. Email-borne threats continue to plague companies large and small, and most of them require the help of an unsuspecting user. To help your employees recognize and handle phishing, ransomware, CEO fraud and other types of attack, enhancing their email security awareness is key.

    While most CISOs know this and are committed to security awareness training, the results to date are disappointing. Billions of dollars have been committed to cyber awareness training, but companies are even more likely to experience a data breach today than they were just a few years ago.

    One possible reason: most email security awareness programs are deadly dull. They're too long, too boring and conducted too infrequently. As a result, employees don't pay attention, don't remember best practices or they simply don't care.

    Mimecast Awareness Training is a web and email security awareness program that produces significant results by turning the traditional formula for security awareness training for employees on its head.

    Improve email security awareness with Mimecast

    Promoting email security awareness through humor

    Mimecast Awareness Training is unlike any other email security awareness program you've come across. Our approach uses humor to grab employees' attention, short training modules to prevent information overload, and monthly training sessions to keep security best practices fresh in their mind.

    Each Mimecast Awareness Training module centers on a 2- to 3-minute video written by real comedy writers and produced by entertainment industry pros. The content is genuinely funny – employees love the characters in these mini sitcoms and look forward to every episode.

    Each training module focuses on one specific threat: what it is, how to handle it properly and what happens if you don't. Modules last no more than five minutes, allowing employees to learn critical concepts in short doses rather than overwhelming them with comprehensive content.

    Training sessions take place once a month – employees can complete their training on a five-minute break, rather than being asked to take hours away from their busy schedule. Topics cover everything from phishing and ransomware to HIPAA and GDPR compliance to password mistakes and insider threat awareness training.

    Promoting email security awareness through humor

    Scoring your employees on their email security awareness

    data, predictive modeling and anonymized industry and client data, Mimecast assigns each employee a personalized cyber risk score. A poor score indicates a greater risk to your company – an individual who exhibits riskier behavior, is avoiding training or may be more likely to be attacked because of their role in the company.

    With a clear understanding of risk profiles, you can designate certain employees for extra training or one-on-one coaching, allocating more of your limited budget to areas of the company with the greatest need.

    Scoring your employees on their email security awareness

    Why Mimecast is your #1 email security awareness partner

    What makes Mimecast the best choice for email security awareness training?

    1. The most engaging content in the industry. Our video-based training modules are massively engaging, keeping employees entertained while they learn without even knowing it.
    2. Industry expertise. Our training curriculum is developed by experts in cybersecurity from the intelligence community, the military and law enforcement – people who have first-hand experience encountering and thwarting cybersecurity challenges.
    3. Easy management. Mimecast Awareness Training is easy to manage from a single console, and as an online security awareness training program, it's simple to rollout training modules to employees worldwide.
    4. Integrated solutions. Mimecast Awareness Training can be seamlessly integrated with other Mimecast solutions, including cloud-based products for email security, web security and information archiving.
    Why Mimecast is your #1 email security awareness partner

    FAQs: what is email security awareness?

    What is security awareness?

    Security awareness is a term that refers to an employee's understanding of the variety, nature and details of cyber threats facing the organization. Superior security awareness allows employees to recognize threats when they encounter them and to know best how to respond to or avoid them in order to protect the organization.

    What is email security awareness training?

    Email security awareness training is designed to familiarize employees with the kinds of threats they may come across in the workplace and the best practices for mitigating or avoiding them.

    Why is email security awareness training important?

    Because human error is a factor in many major data breaches, security awareness training is critical to an organization's defenses. With proper security awareness training, organizations can make their employees frontline defenders rather than weak links in organizational security.

    FAQs: what is email security awareness?

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