Cyber Protection

    Mimecast's SaaS solutions for email archiving, continuity and security enable IT teams to minimize administrative burden and reduce compliance risk.

    To achieve cyber protection, focus on cyber resilience

    As you consider cyber protection solutions to defend against email attacks, a strategy for cyber resilience may offer the best outcomes.

    In the past, cyber protection for email has focused on defending against viruses, spam and malware. But targeted threats like ransomware, spear-phishing and whaling email attacks can easily slip past the best email virus checker and advanced malware protection. And even with the most sophisticated cyber security defence, it's difficult to stop every attack, every time.

    While continuing to promote cyber protection by defending against evolving threats, a cyber resilience strategy also puts plans in place for the day when disaster strikes – whether it's a malicious attack, a human error or a hardware failure. Cyber resilience means adopting technology that combines threat and cyber protection with solutions for continuity during an attack and automated recovery after. And that's exactly what you get with Mimecast's all-in-one solution.




    Mimecast delivers cyber protection – and more

    Mimecast makes email safe for business with a cloud-based subscription service for email security, archiving, continuity, e-Discovery, compliance and more. Our solution unifies cyber protection, continuity and data protection for email in one, easy-to-use cloud platform that requires no hardware, no software and no capital investment.

    Tens of thousands of companies worldwide trust Mimecast to increase their cyber resilience, improve cyber protection, streamline email compliance and reduce the complexity of email management to keep their business running smoothly. Our tools not only help to defend against the most advanced email threats, but to keep email flowing when an outage occurs and to enable fast recovery from downtime and attacks.


    Solutions for cyber protection against all threats

    To increase cyber resilience, Mimecast email security services provide tools for cyber protection that include:

    • Technology for scanning inbound and outbound emails to identify suspicious content that may be part of a phishing attack, a malware-less attack like impersonation or an insider attacks.
    • DNS authentication services, including DMARC, SPF and DKIM to combat spoofing attacks.
    • Tools to block users from opening malicious URLs and weaponized attachments that may launch malware or phishing attacks.
    • Support from the Mimecast Security Operations Center (MSOC), which provides global, continuous monitoring of threats across billions of emails each month to superior threat intelligence and facilitate rapid application of updates to Mimecast's services.

    Mimecast's subscription service also includes solutions for cloud archiving to ensure that data is always available, always replicated and always safe. And Mimecast Mailbox Continuity and Mimecast Sync & Recover help to constant access to email during an outage and fast recovery afterwards.

    Learn more about Mimecast cyber protection and get phishing tips to defend against phishing and spear-phishing attacks.

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