Mimecast’s Technical & Organizational Measures

    The links below describe the applicable technical and organizational measures and controls implemented by Mimecast to protect the data customers entrust to us as part of the relevant Mimecast service. These documents are a high-level overview of Mimecast’s technical and organizational measures. Mimecast may change these measures from time to time to adapt to the evolving security landscape and where required will notify customers of these changes.

    Please select the link for the service you have purchased.

    Mimecast’s Email Security Service Technical and Organizational Measures

    Mimecast’s Web Security Service Technical & Organizational Measures

    Mimecast’s DMARC Analyzer Service Technical & Organizational Measures

    Mimecast’s Brand Exploit Protect Service Technical & Organizational Measures

    Mimecast CyberGraphTM Service (f/k/a MessageControl Codebreaker and Silencer) and MessageControl Gatekeeper Technical & Organizational Security Measures

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