Sender Feedback

Mimecast provides its customers with a comprehensive set of tools that allow them to decide what types of emails they would like to receive and what types of emails they would like to block. If you are sending email to a Mimecast customer and it is being blocked, please contact the recipient and ask them to allow your email through their account.

In order for Mimecast to investigate your undeliverable further, we require additional information from you. Please note that we can only advance your request after the listed network administrator has contacted Mimecast. Prior to filling in the form below please ensure that you have followed the suggestions below:

  • If your internet service provider supplies you with a dynamic IP address (or shares IP addresses with residential users), please ensure that your mail server sends through a smart host – not directly to the internet. Email sent from dynamic or residential IP addresses are often rejected due to spam/virus activity from the previous owner or user of the IP address. 
  • You are not forwarding emails that contain spam content (including ‘spam’ URL’s) 
  • You are not inadvertently relaying email spam through your mail server.
  • You have no virus infected computers/servers on your network. 
  • Ensure that “unsubscribe” options contained within newsletters are honoured.

Sender feedback

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