Unified Email Management

Mimecast has introduced a groundbreaking approach to the way companies manage their email security, continuity and archiving. It is called Unified Email Management and it can take care of your requirements with no hardware, software or capital expense.

The typical stack of email technologies; like gateways, anti-spam systems, email archives, continuity facilities, email marketing, policy control and virus protection, are all replaced by the Mimecast service. With Mimecast you get a single service that integrates with your existing IT, can be controlled by you completely, and takes just hours to set-up.

The dangers of fragmented email management are often overlooked. But what are the risks of running a stack of fragmented email systems?

Benefits of Unified Email Management:

  • Provides an online archive that stores up to ten years of email enabling a bottomless email storage facility for your end-users and your company.
  • Helps you to achieve and manage compliance
  • Protects your users and network from spam, email viruses, and other evolving threats
  • Ensures users have ongoing access to their new and archived email in practically any possible outage or disaster scenario – including complete failure of your in-house email systems
  • Gives you control 100% like the traditional on-premise software that you are used to, but with many more features and without the cost or responsibility of more hardware, software and data centers
  • Delivers rapid returns and profound cost savings in any traditional IT budget
  • Can be up and running for your company in a matter of hours


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