Mimecast Web Security

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Protect employees and guest Wi-Fi users from malicious web sites and enforce acceptable use

Shopping, researching, downloading, gaming, finding friends and seeing what’s happening in the world…, we all love the web. And so do attackers! They use it steal our credentials, drop malware on our machines, steal data, and more. It’s a dangerous place!

In fact, the web is the #2 attack vector behind email, with 99% of malware being deployed via web + email*. That’s why protecting email and web together is so important, and why our new web security service can help you protect your organization faster and more effectively.

Mimecast Web Security helps you by delivering:

  • Protection against malicious sites and acceptable use enforcement.
  • A single administration console for both email and web security.
  • Integration with Mimecast URL Protect for consistent email and web security controls.
  • Inspection of file downloads from suspicious sites.
  • Protection for employees both on and off the corporate network.
  • User, group, and site-specific policies and exception lists.
  • Robust, built-in reporting and analytics.
  • Rapid setup, typically in less than 60 mins.

As an existing Mimecast customer, you can start your free trial of Mimecast Web Security now by simply entering your email address on this page.

If you are not currently a Mimecast customer and would like to speak with someone about this service, please contact us.

*Source: Verizon Data Breach Information Report 2018

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