Secure Your Employees

    Simplify Security Across Email And Web


    Two attack vectors, one solution

    Mimecast’s proven Email and Web Security services provide a single, highly cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution for protecting email and web. Offering enterprise-wide visibility of cyber threats across both channels and dramatically simplified administration, our solutions provide the protection required to keep these channels safe, delivered in the most simple and cost-effective way possible.

    Cyber Resilience

    Faster, efficient cyber resilience

    Mimecast’s fully integrated Email and Web Security solutions offer both rapid deployment and radically simplified administration, allowing you to quickly upgrade your cyber resilience strategy while also reducing the burden on IT.

    Shared threat intelligence increases protection across both channels, while consistently applied web security policies and consolidated reporting allow you to easily automate and standardize security policies across the organization.

    The combined solution also leverages each customer’s existing configurations for directory synchronization, branding, role-based access control and other core Mimecast platform features to reduce both set-up time and maintenance, accelerating initial time to value and optimizing long-term return on investment.

    Why Mimecast Email and Web?

    The Mimecast Email and Web Security difference


    World-class security backed by advanced threat intelligence, continuously updated with the latest protections, and supported by the best and brightest minds in cybersecurity.


    One cloud security solution for the top two attack vectors – email and web – reducing both costs and administrative requirements.


    Simplified administration through a unified, web-based console and consistent application of security protocols across both channels.


    Open API platform that allows you to easily integrate with existing systems.


    High performance multi-tenant cloud infrastructure offers virtually limitless scale.


    The Mimecast Solution

    World-class capabilities from the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway service, such as URL Protect and advanced domain similarity checks, are used in Mimecast Web Security to deliver increased efficiency and protection, while also providing a consistent experience for both end-users and administrators. The combined solution’s multi-tenant cloud architecture also provides visibility across tens of thousands of customers globally, allowing Mimecast to spot threats quickly, adapt rapidly and ensure every single member of the community benefits from actions taken to keep even one customer safe.

    Email Security:

    • Defends against phishing, impersonation and other advanced attacks.
    • Protects at, inside and beyond the email perimeter
    • Neutralizes malware.
    • Blocks spam and viruses.
    • Applies content control and data leak prevention protocols.
    • Enables automated email encryption and secure message delivery.

    Web Security:

    • Protects against malicious web activity.
    • Blocks inappropriate websites from employees.
    • Ensures file downloads from the web are safe and malware free.
    • Provides anytime, anywhere protection.
    • Identify, monitor and control cloud applications to reduce shadow IT risks.
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