Secure Your Email

    Secure Multi-Tenant Architecture


    The building blocks for continuous innovation

    Mime|OS makes continuous innovation part of the DNA of every Mimecast solution. Using a repository of high-functioning, granular software components known as microservices, Mimecast can bring new products to market faster and rapidly upgrade existing ones. This flexibility drives reactive adjustments required to quickly respond to emerging threats, but it also powers proactive and continuous development designed to protect your email environment, users, data, and brand to give you a long-term, sustainable cyber resilience strategy.


    Rapid development with a multi-layered security approach

    Each Mime|OS microservice has a single well-defined purpose and a consistent interface to minimize interdependency. This allows Mimecast development teams to work in parallel and deploy at will with minimal risk to the overall service. It means we can more easily incorporate new services (both in-house and from third parties) and rapidly retire obsolete functionality when needed. This model forms part of our multi-tenant architecture to security because each component service must authenticate with other microservices when seeking to interact with them.


    The most current protections, always in place

    As Mimecast enhances and expands its technology, Mime|OS allows for services to be updated centrally, with little or no intervention required by our customer community. Improvements, upgrades and new products or patches are immediately available to the entire Mimecast customer base. The result? You always have the most up-to-date protections in place.

    Mime|OS powers secure, rapid innovation with:


    Our multi-tenancy is built on an estate of standard hardware that is designed to accommodate extreme demand spikes.


    Customer data is archived in secure encrypted partitions which – unless express permission is given– remain inaccessible to any Mimecast employee.


    Single points of failure are eliminated due to our highly-distributed layered infrastructure.


    Customers benefit from the very latest security and resilience enhancements instantly when applied and can license and switch on new services rapidly.


    Only one version of our service is maintained at any time to simplify support.


    Mime|OS is Mimecast’s purpose-built cloud platform.

    It underpins all Mimecast products and supports the efficient delivery of critical cyber resilience capabilities, including advanced security, archiving and recovery and disaster recovery – all through a single platform and unified management console.

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