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    Seamlessly Integrated Security Solutions


    Flexible building blocks for rapid innovation

    Microservices are highly decoupled software building blocks that each make a specific, constrained and tightly-defined functional contribution to the overall Mime|OS platform. This modular approach streamlines our development and test cycles which accelerate development and simplify the integration of new components. It also improves security by minimizing privilege grants to the smallest possible extent and enforcing component-level authentication.


    The challenge

    Mimecast is built on open technology because we understand that you need to make the most of existing technology investments, while optimizing threat intelligence, visibility, detection and response. We’ve developed integrations with leading SIEM technologies like Splunk, IBM QRadar, LogRhythm, and Rapid7 and are working with a number of orchestration and response vendors to make it easier and faster for customers to automatically remediate threats. We also regularly assist customers and partners in creating custom integrations using the Mimecast API. The possibilities are virtually endless—if you need to integrate with another application, Mimecast can help.


    Cloud-based technology that just works

    Mime|OS is built to deliver the highest levels of performance at an affordable, predictable total cost of ownership. With a 100% service level agreement for system up-time, you can count on Mimecast to be always on, always watching and always doing everything possible to keep your organization safe. And with no hardware or infrastructure to manage, you can stretch a limited budget, time and resources further.


    Microservices facilitate large scale continuous development across all our products. This enables Mimecast to respond to new threats and cyber resilience needs more quickly.


    Microservices allow Mimecast to rapidly adopt new technologies and switch elements in or out on demand with minimal disruption – helping to ensure the very best possible protection for customers.


    A “trust no-one” internal communication model requires every service to authenticate successfully prior to interaction, providing an important layer of internal security.


    An open API for rapid integration.


    Reduced resource requirements.


    Cost-effective, predictable cost of ownership.


    Mime|OS is Mimecast’s purpose-built cloud platform.

    It underpins all Mimecast products and supports the efficient delivery of critical cyber resilience capabilities, including advanced security, archiving and recovery and disaster recovery – all through a single platform and unified management console.

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