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    Community Cyber Resilience


    The power of cyber resilience

    When you become a Mimecast customer, you join forces with something bigger than yourself. The visibility Mimecast has across our global community—combined with intelligence from over 40 proprietary and third-party feeds—allows us to see things that are difficult or impossible to detect independently. And the multi-tenant cloud architecture that Mime|OS provides allows us to adapt quickly and seamlessly. The steps we take to prevent an attack against even a single customer help keep every single member of our community one step ahead.


    The Mimecast security operations center

    The Mime|OS platform and all of Mimecast’s solutions are supported by the Mimecast Security Operations Center (MSOC). MSOC gives you access to the best and brightest minds in cyber resilience, all dedicated to keeping you safe. Constantly looking for new, innovative technologies that can be deployed across the globe, they are:

    • Always on—monitoring Mimecast solutions 24x7, 365 days a year.
    • Always monitoring—collaborating with third parties, partnering with customers and keeping a constant eye on the threat landscape.
    • Always improving—conducting research into the behavior and strategy behind attacks; driving continuous adaptation.

    An integrated cyber resilience platform gives customers a simpler, more effective, and lower cost option to address critical business technology risks.

    Mimecast’s ambition from the beginning has been to simplify email risk management at, inside, and beyond the email perimeter. The best way to do this is by combining critical services into one integrated offering. Customers benefit from leading advanced email and web security, archiving and disaster recovery, awareness training, and brand protection, all delivered through a single integrated, scalable, and pervasive 100% cloud platform. No more point solutions.

    Mime|OS integrates all Mimecast products and provides a single administration interface for customers. A single view provides an in-depth understanding of risks and simplifies mitigation and management tasks.


    Simpler email risk management in the cloud through a single platform and console.


    Ease and speed of adding new Mimecast products.


    Enhanced efficacy and management consistency through truly integrated products.


    Improved cyber resilience and better cost efficiencies.


    Seamless integration into customers’ security ecosystems.


    Consistent pervasive security at, inside, and beyond the email perimeter.


    Mime|OS is Mimecast’s purpose-built cloud platform.

    It underpins all Mimecast products and supports the efficient delivery of critical cyber resilience capabilities including advanced security, archiving and recovery and disaster recovery – all through a single platform and management console.

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