The Mimecast Security Operations Center

    The Mime|OS platform and all of Mimecast’s solutions are supported by the Mimecast Security Operations Center (MSOC). MSOC gives you access to the best and brightest minds in cyber resilience, all dedicated to keeping you safe. Constantly looking for new, innovative technologies that can be deployed across the globe, they are:

    • Always on—monitoring Mimecast solutions 24x7, 365 days a year.
    • Always monitoring—collaborating with third parties, partnering with customers and keeping a constant eye on the threat landscape.
    • Always improving—conducting research into the behavior and strategy behind attacks; driving continuous adaptation.

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    Mime|OS Datasheet

    Mime|OS is Mimecast’s purpose-built cloud platform.

    It underpins all Mimecast products and supports the efficient delivery of critical cyber resilience capabilities including advanced security, archiving and recovery and disaster recovery – all through a single platform and management console.

    Mime|OS Datasheet

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