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    Because a strong security infrastructure requires a strong foundation.

    Cybersecurity isn’t known for being static. It requires constant vigilance day-to-day, but it also demands a forward-thinking approach. Adaptability, flexibility and continuous evolution are essential. 

    Mimecast understands that because those who seek to cause harm never stand still, our technology can’t either. That’s why we’re built on Mime|OS, a native, multi-tenant cloud architecture combining innovation with agility, high performance with affordability, and adaptability with extensibility. Mime|OS provides the foundation for a sustainable cyber resilience strategy that scales with your organization and that you can count on day after day, week after week, year after year.

    Community Cyber Resilience

    Community cyber resilience

    When you partner with Mimecast, you get more than technology—you become part of a community, with the most advanced intelligence sources and the brightest minds working together to keep you safe. The global visibility that the Mime|OS platform provides, combined with the rapid adaptation it supports, allow Mimecast to deliver the most advanced cyber security in the industry.

    Seamlessly Integrated Security

    Seamlessly integrated security solutions

    The cyberthreat landscape will always be complex, but the technology you use to defend your organization against it shouldn’t be. The Mime|OS platform allows Mimecast to deliver a fully-integrated, comprehensive suite of security solutions that are easy to deploy, manage and maintain. With APIs wrapped around the Mime|OS platform, Mimecast allows you to extend the scope of capabilities, reducing resource requirements, cost, and complexity, while also eliminating the need to manage hardware and infrastructure.

    Secure Multi Tenant Architecture

    Secure multi-tenant architecture from Mimecast

    Mime│OS supports a building-block development approach that allows Mimecast to develop new products and functionality without coding from scratch, speeding delivery and powering rapid innovation.

    New capabilities and enhancements can then be deployed immediately across Mimecast’s entire global customer base, thanks to the multi-tenant cloud architecture that Mime|OS provides.

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