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    IT Needs to Get Cyber Security Right 100% of the Time

    For educational institutions - whether they’re K-12, college, or universities - keeping student and staff data secure is a top priority. However, tight budgets and limited resources can make doing so a challenge.

    Cybersecurity doesn’t need to be so hard. Mimecast offers easy to implement, easy to manage, effective and affordable security solutions for hundreds of institutions just like yours.

    We Understand the Unique Challenges of Education



    Victim: Bob

    Role: Faculty at a private university.

    Mistake: Clicked on an emailed link that supposedly redirects him to an application for funding for his research area.

    Result: The malicious link unleashes a ransomware attack that infiltrates the university’s network and brings down their technology systems.


    • University services are effected including email, grading systems and Bursar Office transactions
    • University must shut down until they can resolve the crisis

    Bob’s Options:

    1. Pay the Ransom - No Guarantees

    • Files still encrypted? Not fully accessible?
    • Stolen data sold or exploited?

    2. Rebuild Servers from Data Backups

    Ransomware By The Numbers:

    • case-study-circle.png


      US ransomware attacks, 2019 costs

    • case-study-circle.png


      Average cost of a ransomware incident

    • case-study-circle.png

      287 days

      Average time to recover from an attack

    Easy To Perform And A High Probability Of Success

    Sophisticated Phishing Attacks


    Victim: Penelope

    Role: Professor at Wiggham Community College.

    Mistake: Receives an ‘from IT’ to update her log-in credentials; clicks on the link and enters her information on a website that looks legit.

    Result: The hacker uses stolen credentials to access the community college’s network.


    Hackers can now steal precious faculty and student PII

    • Names, addresses, SS #s
    • Student health records
    • Payroll/financial information

    Stolen PII Can Be Used For Financial Gain

    • Identity theft
    • Wire fraud
    • Tax Fraud

    Data Breaches By The Numbers:

    • case-study-circle.png


      Average cost of a data breach for Education (U.S.)

    • case-study-circle.png


      Average cost of a data breach per employee

    • case-study-circle.png


      Average cost per record breached for Education

    94% of Orgs experienced a phishing attack

    Nation-State Hackers


    Victim: Joan

    Role: Professor at Hopper University.


    • Conducting research for the US Department of Defense.
    • Nation-state hackers have been following the progress of Joan’s research lab.
    • Hackers launch a phishing scheme that one of Joan’s students falls victim of.

    Result: Nation-state hackers steal classified research and provide it to their government.


    • U.S. national security is compromised.
    • Reputational damage for the university.

    Real World Example:

    Iranian Hackers stole credentials of professors, research data and IP

    Data Breaches By The Numbers:

    • case-study-circle.png

      31 Tbytes

      Amount of documents and data stolen

    • case-study-circle.png


      # of American universities compromised

    • case-study-circle.png


      # of compromised email accounts

    US-based universities spent ~$3.4B to procure and access data and intellectual property stolen by Iranian hackers

    Insider Threats


    Victim: Jack

    Role: University student.


    • Desperate to get his parents off his back due to his poor academic performance.
    • Develops a fake website that steals user credentials and sends the link to his profs.

    Result: Jack uses stolen credentials to access the network, log into the grading system to update his grades.


    • Reputational damage for the university.
    • Compromised student records.

    Key Security Challenges:

    • case-study-circle.png


      Share of total mail volume generated by employees

    • case-study-circle.png


      Of malware is deployed through email + web

    • case-study-circle.png


      Suffer negative impacts from an email-borne attack*

    As much as 60% of email traffic is not inspected and secured

    Mimecast Can Help


    Email Security 3.0

    Prevents Phishing Attacks and Malware from getting to users’ inboxes.

    Reduces Risk of malicious attachments and URLs.

    Applies Best-practice Inspections to all email, including inbound, internal, and outbound.

    Learn more

    Awareness Training

    Easy And Quick video-based modules delivered monthly that take less than 5 minutes to complete.

    Engaging laugh-out-loud funny security awareness training that your employees enjoy rather than dread.

    Effective micro-learning approach improves cyber awareness, sharpens cyber security reflexes, and reduces the risk of an innocent but devastating mistake.

    Learn more

    Web Security

    Protects Online Activity without impacting productivity.

    Reduces “Shadow IT” by limiting the use of risky sites and unsanctioned applications.

    Keeps Users Safe On Any Device whether they are using a PC, tablet or smart phone.

    Learn more

    Sync & Recover

    Prevent Loss of Critical Data as a last line of defense against ransomware.

    Supports Rapid Recovery of data and service restoration after an attack.

    Provides Point in Time Data Recovery of emails, files, and contacts.

    Learn more

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