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    Stop internal email threats before they spread

    Don’t let attacks spread silently among your employees. Mimecast Internal Email Protect applies the highest standard of monitoring and inspection to every email, including inbound, outbound and internal messages, keeping your teams secure against threats inside and out.


    Whether by malice or negligence, employees are a primary vector for spreading cyberattacks.

    Naive employees

    According to Mimecast’s State of Email Security, many businesses rank naive employees among their biggest email security challenges.

    Internal threats rise

    More than 45% of businesses also report an increase in internal threats and data leaks initiated by compromised, careless or negligent employees.

    Work-home blur

    With teams working remotely and using their own devices, 81% of businesses worry about exposing themselves to added risk through employees’ personal emails.


    The Mimecast Solution

    Internal Email Protect — Mimecast’s insider threat management solution — is our 100% cloud-based email security solution that constantly monitors, detects and remediates security threats across your email network, including those that originate from internal messages. Internal Email Protect can:


    Detect insider email threats and their movement from one user to the next.


    Identify insider threats or potential data leaks and block the information from leaving your organization.


    Automatically remove internal emails that pose an insider threat or contain at-risk data.


    Check files post-delivery for malware that may have slipped through, and remediate it.


    Integrate with the Mimecast administration console for simple reporting, configuration and management.

    How It Works

    Email security is a 360-degree battle — and you can win it with Internal Email Protect

    Mimecast Internal Email Protect brings a crucial layer of security to email activity among your employees. Learn more about how the solution works alongside our defenses against external threats to create a 360-degree security perimeter.


    Insider Threat Management FAQs

    The “in-a-nutshell” basics you need to know to manage insider threats to your email security.

    Any employee can pose a “threat” via negligence. But insiders with malicious intent can be even more dangerous. In general, the indicators that suggest an individual is moving toward becoming an insider threat are quite similar to the signs that identify a disgruntled employee: they vocally disagree with business policies and/or with their coworkers; they may start working at odd hours, or hours that are unusual compared with their norm; their email communications volume, style or time of day suddenly changes; they’re experienced financial problems or a sudden financial gain. Internal threat protection systems contain analytical engines designed to automatically detect much of this concerning behavior. 

    Are insider threats more dangerous than external threats?

    Whether insider threats or external threats are more dangerous is an ongoing debate among cybersecurity experts that isn’t likely to be resolved any time soon. While most headlines are made from breaches caused by external threats, insiders have access to a business’ most sensitive information; they can wreak havoc intentionally or inadvertently. Most security experts do agree, however, that organizations must protect themselves equally well from insider and external threats. 

    What percentage of cyberattacks are from both insider and external threats?

    Because human error — like clicking on an email link that turns out to be malicious — is often the starting point for a successful cyberattack, the percentage of attacks resulting from insider threats depends on your point of view. Experts’ estimates vary widely, from 60% to 75% and even higher. 
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