Employee Productivity & Mobility

Security controls, access to corporate data, and email continuity – from any device, at any time

The Challenge

Employees demand access to key information anytime, anywhere from their preferred devices and applications – not what is convenient for IT administrators.

IT departments have the added challenge of protecting the company against advanced attacks, whether someone is accessing email from a secure network or a mobile device. Employees want to find files or email within seconds. To add to the challenge, companies need to adhere to corporate and compliance policies consistently.

Businesses expect email to be 100% available – without massive investment and dedicated resources.


The Solution

Mimecast provides a unique set of intuitive desktop tools and mobile applications. Employees can work smarter and respond more quickly whether in the office or on the road, while administrators retain full centralized control.

Mimecast solves productivity challenges with a full suite of apps including an OUTLOOK FOR WINDOWS add-in, a MOBILE APPLICATION, a MAC and WEB APP. Employees get:

Microsoft Windows Outlook Add-In

Extra features for the most popular email application.

Mimecast has packed additional capabilities into Microsoft for Outlook to make employees even more productive and remove any incentive to use unapproved third-party applications. Employees can search archives, send encrypted email messages and share large files, and adjust security settings – all from Outlook for Windows.

Mobile Apps

Because we live in an always-on, access anywhere world.

Employees need to stay connected and productive at all times. Mimecast mobile applications provide access to valuable archived information using advanced search features and a familiar folder structure - backed by a seven-second search SLA. And, when primary systems fail, employees can be notified via SMS and continue sending and receiving email.


Mimecast End User Applications

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Native Mac Application

Mimecast built specifically for Apple users.

Employees want to use the operating systems and devices they are most comfortable with. Mimecast supports their choices – with a native application offering full functionality on Apple Macs. Employees can access the information they need on the device they want, make fewer support calls to IT, and better meet your data security policies.

Secure Web Portal

Access information anywhere with an Internet connection.

Sometimes deploying client software isn't practical. With the Mimecast Personal Portal, employees can access email, calendar and archive information, as well as send encrypted messages and share large files – from any computer or device with an Internet connection.

Mailbox Continuity

Keep business email working when primary systems fail or during planned downtime. Organizations today move too fast to risk not having access to critical email communications and losing access to critical archives. With Mimecast C1, employees can search archives and continue to send and receive email, even if the primary system goes down.

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Information Archive

Archive business email and corporate data safely in the cloud with Mimecast.

Most archive solutions provide LAN access to stored data, but today's mobile workforce demands more. With Mimecast A1, employees can use a wide range of devices and applications to perform rapid searches, find the information they need and get the job done — from anywhere.

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Email Security

Deliver employee self-service and maintain centralized control.

Employees want the ability to do things themselves without calling the IT held desk. With Mimecast S1, they can manage their hold queues, managed sender lists, spam reporting and more, while IT administrators maintain consistent and full security policy control.


Mimecast Advanced Security

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Case Study

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