Business Continuity

Keep email running – your business depends on it

The Challenge

Planning for disaster recovery and scheduling maintenance can be complex, but employees and organizations have zero tolerance for downtime. Downtime means potential lost revenue, and impacts customer service and productivity. When an outage does happen, consistent communication and fast service restoration are an absolute must.

For individual companies, the cost of ensuring zero downtime is massive. It seems the only way to avoid system downtime is by investing in duplicate systems.

Once back online, administrators need to help employees fix problems such as gaps in restored data. Continuity events are difficult to plan for, respond to and resolve.


Mimecast Solution

Mimecast C1 Mailbox Continuity or integrated service bundles M2 or M2A ensure email flows without requiring significant investments for disaster recovery or managing the complexity of redundant systems. Mimecast continues to send and receive email during email server outages with admin controlled monitoring, alerts and one click response. Employees continue to access email as usual and often are blissfully unaware a problem has even occurred.

Mimecast solves critical continuity challenges with:

Immediate Switchover in a Downtime Event

Continue to send and receive email no matter what.

Even the most secure, well-planned email systems go down. With Mimecast C1, an immediate failover means email flow is not interrupted in the event of an outage or planned maintenance. Mimecast keeps sending and receiving email when on-premises or cloud-based email systems go down.

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Central Administrator Console

Manage events for all employees, all at once.

For administrators, an outage means a frenzy of activity. With Mimecast C1, administrators can manage downtime response from a single console – activating continuity for all employees or an impacted group. And with automatic mailbox syncing and immediate failback, IT doesn't waste precious time bringing the mail server back online.

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Access through Familiar Desktop and Mobile Applications

Keep getting your mail anywhere, on any device.

Not only do employees expect email systems to always work, they also want to access their email and files with the same applications they always use. With Mimecast C1, employees can continue using email as normal in Outlook for Windows, a native Mac application, mobile apps or a secure web portal.

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