Archiving, Risk & Compliance

Keep corporate data safe for instant search and retrieval

The Challenge

With employees keeping an ever-increasing number of messages and attachments in their archive, storing this data is both costly and difficult to manage. Applying retention policies for regulatory and legal compliance to departments, groups and even individual mailboxes is essential. In the event of litigation, email is often relied on for evidence so you will need to respond quickly without dedicating precious IT resources.

Email archives are a primary record of business communication and a highly valuable corporate information asset – data that needs to be accessible and searchable, not locked away in a vault.

Mimecast Solution

Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides the secure, perpetual storage and policy management necessary with the predictable costs and scalability of a true cloud architecture. With an industry-leading 7 second search SLA, archived information is instantly accessible, making it easy for employees or administrators to find a single email or to support a larger e-discovery case.

Mimecast solves important archiving challenges by:

A single, unified archive in the Mimecast cloud delivers scalability, rapid information access and data assurance — without the spiraling expense of hardware and software typical of legacy on-premises solutions.

Archiving and Searching Email

Flexible storage for your most important communications.

Mailboxes get bloated over time as employees hold onto a growing number of messages and attachments. With Mimecast A1 Email Archiving, centrally managed policies keep mailboxes small and offload long-term email storage to the cloud. And archives are instantly accessible to employees on any device, anywhere.

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Case Study

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Quickly identify important evidence – without the usual painful manual effort.

Responding to litigation requests can be a Herculean task with a large number of resources dedicated to finding specific content. With Mimecast A1 Email Archiving, critical corporate information is combined into a single, central data store that's easily searchable by administrators, cutting search times from days to seconds.

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Adding File Archiving to Email Storage

Store files along with email and other corporate information for a more complete archive.

Silos of information frustrate employees and make it difficult to get at the information you need. With Mimecast File Archiving, files from shared folders and network drives are stored alongside email and Lync IM conversations. All the data is in one place making it really easy to search.

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Saving and Using Lync IM Conversations

Don't ignore the importance of IM communications in your archiving strategy.

IM chats are increasingly used for business conversations. To complete the picture of all communications and fully comply with regulations, you need to archive email and IM conversations together. With Mimecast Lync IM Archiving, all IM communication is stored along with email and files.

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