Eliminate the Need for Standalone Email Backup & Data Recovery

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    The Challenges of Data Recovery

    You need to keep data protected and accessible for your users. However, many organizations are unaware of the risk and impact involved when malicious attacks occur, or point-in-time recovery is required. If you’re lucky, you won’t need to experience the challenges of recovering both email and other Exchange data because of a cyber attack.

    For organizations that have had their data stolen, held hostage by ransomware, or corrupted, their efforts to get back to a known good state with their data and emails intact is often challenging. There is complexity with maintaining email and its associated data that is compliant, unaltered and searchable.

    Many organizations lack the ability to locate the data, let alone recover it. They also overly rely on their cloud email provider or struggle with the complexity of managing and maintaining point solutions for back-up and recovery. There is an easier way to recover email.

    Expert Email Recovery Insight

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