Adaptability is Key to Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats

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    The Challenges 

    With millions of threats being created and deployed by tens‐of‐thousands of cybercriminals, some threats, at least initially, can slip through. Fortunately, most data breaches do not occur as the result of an initial incursion. Business impacting breaches typically require multiple steps, as well as time, to become more than just annoying infections.

    You must be able to respond effectively to minimize the impact of these cyber threats without evaluating and deploying multiple unintegrated point solutions. Fast pivoting is also required to address the latest attack vectors as part of a cyber resilience for email strategy. You can neither afford nor deploy solutions fast enough to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. Adaptability ensures that your security team, employees and systems can respond effectively with sound judgement. More importantly, your employees must remain aware and continuously educated to maximize your security defenses.

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