The Challenge

    Employees demand anytime, anywhere access to key information from their preferred devices and applications – not what is convenient for IT administrators. Unfortunately, administrators rarely consider the needs of their employees at large when considering their archive needs.

    At the same time, IT departments have the added challenge of protecting the company against sophisticated cyber attacks. To add to these challenges, organizations need to enforce corporate governance and compliance policies consistently and reliably to mitigate further cyber risk.

    Businesses expect email to be 100% available – without exceptions.

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    Are You Prepared for a 24/7 Work Environment?

    Extra features for the most popular email application.

    Mimecast has packed additional capabilities into Microsoft for Outlook to make employees even more productive and remove any incentive to use unapproved third-party share and store applications. Employees can search their personal archives in real-time, send encrypted email messages and share large files and, adjust security settings – all from the familiar Outlook for Windows.

    <p>Are You Prepared for a 24/7 Work Environment?</p>

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