The Challenge

Organizations moving to the Microsoft Office 365™ cloud often discover only after migration that they need a separate solution for protecting their email data. Moreover, the drive to simplify IT has led growing numbers of organizations to revisit their data protection strategies for Exchange Server on-premises environments as well.

Office 365 offers no email backup and recovery capability, while solutions designed for Exchange is costly and complex to manage. Organizations have long faced three choices: back up to an on-premises infrastructure, deploy a cloud-based point solution or do nothing and hope for the best. Each of these options brings disadvantages, inefficiencies and unacceptable risk.

Mimecast Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 offers an alternative solution that leverages our customers’ archive data to simplify data recovery, reduce cost and administrative burden, and increase business continuity – irrespective of where your email solution resides.

Integrated Archive + Protection is Here

Sync & Recover Infographic

Unlock the power of your archive with integrated archive, backup and recovery.  You will be surprised about the limitations within Office 365. Read this to learn more and how Mimecast can help.

<p>Integrated Archive + Protection is Here<a id="_anchor_1" href="file://mcsltd/gb/lon/Users/jbarrassbanks/Documents/Website%20Refresh%202018/Returned%20templates/SEO%20done/Final%20and%20ready/Archive%20Solution%20pages%20WR18_ew_Overdrive_Edits_JO.docx#_msocom_1"><br /></a></p>

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