The Shape of Email

Find out what IT professionals think

Find out what end users think


Email is the default corporate communications tool in the workplace and its impact on business can be seen as an economy of its own. From our end user data, the challenge in enhancing the ‘email economy’ is threefold:

  • Quality: useful inbox information
    Every email received by a recipient includes a management cost, a storage cost and the reader’s time to digest and action, making the need to improve email quality and control content increasingly important, especially for businesses with high volumes of email use.

  • Reach: the collaborative workplace
    Collaboration via email needs to get smarter. The ability to share information, documents and ideas via email needs to evolve with the increasing volume of email and distribution lists used in the workplace.

  • Culture: the people factors
    Email users will always make mistakes and social media is impacting how we use email. Archiving policies can mitigate end user risk and companies must consider how to empower and control email and social exchanges.

Our IT manager survey addressed some comparative areas to the end user research, as well as looking at issues around email security and email management.

  • Size is everything
    Management of the corporate inbox is hampered by unpopular user limits and storage capacity. Storage capacity is a symptom of poor email strategy and planning.

  • Get to grips with Junk 2.0
    Stopping spam at the gateway is a necessity, but junk is not defined by spam alone. Many other forms of permissible email create capacity and productivity issues, creating the need to define how email management strategy can support end user productivity further.

  • Automatic archive imperative
    Investment in automated archiving is invaluable. It is a route to audit trail lockdown that businesses are starting to see as a necessity. Unmanaged manual archiving and local storage of corporate content pose risks to the business.

  • Understand social shifts
    As email is unlikely to be replaced by social media, IT professionals need to consider how the email / social media mix can co-exist in a secure and productive framework.