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Cybersecurity Optimization. Explained.

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It’s not too late to catch SecOps Virtual 2023, a complimentary event created specifically for IT and Security professionals.

This year’s event, packed with content from an impressive lineup of thought leaders, industry experts, and top security vendors is available on-demand until May 28, 2023. 


  • Best practices for orchestrating threat protection, detection and response
  • How to optimize your systems without adding cost or complexity
  • Strategies for how to find and retain high performing teams

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Participating Technology Partners

At Mimecast, we believe in solving complex solutions together. Learn from some of our top integration partners to see first-hand how to leverage the collective power of the best technologies in the industry.



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Navigating the Storm

Gene Kranz, NASA Flight Director
for 17 missions, including Apollo 11 and Apollo 13

Hear Gene Kranz discuss decision-making under pressure, building strong teams, and preparing for the unknown (not to mention what it’s like to land a spacecraft on the moon).

Building and retaining
high-performing teams

Peter Coroneos, Founder of
Rosie Anderson, Director, Honeypot Digital

Burnout and a persistent skills gap are making it harder for cybersecurity leaders to get the job done. Join in the discussion about mental health within the industry and how to find (and retain) high-performing, resilient teams.

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Work Protected: Balancing security with the needs of a modern workforce

David Raissipour, CTPO, Mimecast
Mick Paisley, Chief Security & Resilience Officer, Mimecast
Randy Herold, Chief Information Security Officer & Chief Privacy Officer, ManpowerGroup

Work has changed, and we’re not going back. What does risk look like in our new environment and how can we manage it? Get perspective from three industry leaders.

The call is coming from inside the house

Shawnee Delaney, Decorated Clandestine Officer & Insider Threat Expert
Neil Clauson, Regional CISO, Mimecast

Compromised credentials factor into 90% of breaches, many more of which are happening internally. How dangerous is insider risk? Join two experts for insights on what could be your biggest (and most overlooked) vulnerability.


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Breakout Sessions

Track 1 Sessions

Knock, Knock: Should identity be at the heart of your digital puzzle?

Hear how an identity platform can be the center of an ecosystem that lets you control access no matter what. You’ll learn how you can automate actions, reduce effort, strengthen security, and improve user experience.

- Okta

Signal or noise? How to make sure you see what really matters

The world of a security operator is highly fragmented. Learn how you can assemble the big picture of user and device risk to accelerate detection and response, shorten dwell time, and reduce analyst fatigue.

- Netskope

Automation: Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Automation promises a world of benefits, but the question for many is where to start and what to measure. Join us to learn what’s easiest to achieve and how to get value without sacrificing control.

- Rapid7

Defending against insider threats: 3 strategies

Learn how technologies like user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), AI, Machine Learning, and awareness training can help you identify abnormal behavior, deter internal threats, and accelerate responses.

- Exabeam

Track 2 Sessions

Survivorship bias: Is it making you less secure?

Survivorship bias occurs when decisions are based on what worked, rather than what failed. How do you remove bias from decision making to more clearly prepare for what lies ahead? Join this session to find out.

- Secureworks

How automation can make almost anything possible

Hear a real-world example of how one organization used automation to streamline processes and protect confidential data. Don’t miss this hands-on, practical session that will leave you inspired to explore what your own organization can achieve.

- Palo Alto Networks

Three integrations, thirty minutes. It’s that easy.

This hands-on session will demonstrate how easy it is to start or continue your integration journey. We'll take you step-by-step through three of our most-used integrations: CrowdStrike, Okta, and Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR.

- Mimecast

Empowering analysts with XDR

Detecting, isolating, and remediating security incidents is resource-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone. Join this session to learn how CrowdStrike and Mimecast bring real-time data sharing and proactive protection and threat hunting to protect our joint customers.

- CrowdStrike

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From proven strategies for optimizing your security ecosystem to expert guidance from industry leaders and peers, you’ll walkaway with big ideas and practical guidance for optimizing your security solutions.

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