Threat Intelligence

    Threat Intelligence Report RSA Edition 2020

    The Mimecast Threat Center is back with the latest Threat Intelligence Report, which explores the major attacks that hit the globe from October to December 2019.

    The report analyzed more than 202 billion emails, and rejected 92 billion. The Threat Center’s main takeaways:

    • The volume of attacks increased by 145% over last quarter, largely due to the tremendous rise in Emotet activity. In fact, nearly all of the 61 attack campaigns in this report contained Emotet.
    • The holiday season impacted nearly every region around the world. The Retail sector accounted for nearly a third of the most significant campaign activity conducted by threat actors globally.
    • Voice phishing attempts decreased by 5% from October-December, but they are still a significant attack vector. Researchers believe the decrease is due to threat actors’ renewed focus on Emotet.

    Want to read more about how cybercriminals targeted your region? Check out the full report.

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