Threat Intelligence

    Threat Intelligence: Critical in the Fight Against Cyber Attacks, But Tough to Master

    In today's rapidly changing threat landscape, early actionable access to credible threat intel is critical. Cyber Risk Alliance (CRA) Business Intelligence conducted two Threat Intelligence related online surveys: one in June 2022 and another in October 2022. Respondents from CRA's research panel include security and IT leaders and executives, security administrators, and compliance professionals. 

    According to survey respondents, Threat Intelligence arms their Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Incident Response teams with operational threat intelligence to help them make timely, informed decisions to prevent system downtime, thwart the theft of confidential data, and protect intellectual property. Some maintain that with threat intelligence, there's no better way to keep leadership informed so that security efforts can be prioritized.

    Download this report to read the key findings of the survey and learn how you can leverage these insights to proactively fight against ransomware attacks, protect company and customer data, and potentially save your organization's reputation by using threat intelligence.

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