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    Ready or Not: How GDPR Compliant Are You?

    GDPR is now in effect. Tough privacy rules and data breach penalties mean firms around the world are designing and executing their compliance strategies.

    But GDPR priorities and challenges vary across geographies, verticals, and market conditions. The concentration of personal data in email systems and it's use as the attack vector of choice by cybercriminals, make this task even more difficult.

    We are pleased to present Ready or Not: How GDPR Compliant Are You? A one-hour webinar with special guest Enza Iannopollo, Forrester Research Analyst, and Dan Sloshberg, Mimecast Product Marketing Director.

    • In this webinar you'll learn about the state of GDPR compliance and to:
    • Benchmark your GDPR readiness against peers in your same industry
    • Validate and adjust your GDPR priorities
    • Set up and execute the last mile of your GDPR strategy
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