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    Is Microsoft O365 Good Enough Protection & Recovery Webinar?

    While every organization needs to keep data protected and accessible for its users, many are unaware of the risky protection and recovery gaps when malicious attacks occur or point-in-time recovery is required.  Many organizations are asking themselves, “Is Microsoft Office 365™ good enough protection and recovery?” According to Gartner, investing in third-party tools for “faster, more-flexible recovery options” is a good idea. Join this webinar to learn where your biggest risks are and how to mitigate them.


    Shane Harris

    Director Product Marketing

    Shane Harris has had varied experience spanning 20 years across IT, Product Management, Sales, Engineering and Research Analyst roles in the areas information management, eDiscovery, archive and compliance. Prior to Mimecast , Shane was the lead analyst for the Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant at Gartner and has held executive leadership positions at kCura, Commvault and Johns Hopkins. In these roles, he has held countless customer conversations across all verticals and was a frequent speaker, presenter and thought-leader at industry events.   

    Glenn Brown

    Director Product Management

    Glenn joined Mimecast in 2007 and is responsible for Mimecast’s archiving, compliance and data resilience products group.  He is tasked with defining and bringing the product roadmap from vision to reality and is a passionate advocate of cloud technology enabling strong data resilience strategies.

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