Email Security

    Concerned About the Future of Symantec? How Mimecast Secures Your Office 365 Implementation

    Learn why thousands of Symantec customers have already made the switch to Mimecast

    "Mimecast's level of sophistication in dealing with malicious threats is significantly superior to that built into Office 365. Also the range of configuration options within Mimecast is much better than Office 365. Excellent detection rates for spam, phishing and other malicious attacks. Very granular control of policies." - Enterprise Retail Customer

    If you’ve landed here, we have a hunch you may be considering a switch from Symantec Email Security.cloud and are looking for a replacement that provides greater cyber resilience, enhanced security efficacy, and best-in-class customer support.

    This session, hosted by Microsoft MVP J. Peter Bruzesse and Market Analyst Max Linscott, will help you understand how the email threat landscape has changed and what brought about the shift toward a new approach: Email Security 3.0. We’ll also review the email security and data protection limitations that exist in Office 365 and teach you how to stay one step ahead of threats and disruption to your business by adopting an Email Security 3.0 mindset.

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