Petya vs. Wannacry: The Battle for the Worst

This year the world was struck by two of the worst ransomware outbreaks of all time: Wannacry and Petya. But how similar were these attacks? And more importantly, what can we do to protect ourselves in the future?

Watch this on-demand Webinar where we’ve assembled some of the biggest cybersecurity and data protection experts in the industry to give us the breakdown of these attacks as well as the entire ransomware landscape. The panel includes experts from Mimecast, AlienVault, Arcserve, and KnowBe4.

What's discussed:

  • Similarities and differences between Wannacry, Petya, and other strains of ransomware.
  • How effective traditional protections stood up to these attacks and what to do in the future.
  • Whether backups or security awareness training could have prevented disaster.
  • Can an organization fortify its last line of defense - its end users?

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