Today, email is the most important medium for business communication. Chances are it’s also the one of the most frustrating parts of your job.

Don’t wait any longer: your perfect-world archive is here. Watch the on-demand Mimecast Cloud Archive Virtual Event and you’ll experience:

  • Significant cost savings, including free ingestion opportunities
  • Simplicity that breaks down the barriers of administrative complexity
  • A solution purpose-built for the cloud with anytime, anywhere mobile access for employees
  • Integrations with your most crucial business tools

Amanda Crew from HBO®’s Silicon Valley will show you a brief history of archiving failures. You’ll hear from Mimecast’s co-founders Peter Bauer and Neil Murray on the state of the industry and the Mimecast difference. And, you’ll see a full demo of the leading archive solution.

Everything you've ever wanted from an archive—and more—is just a click away.

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