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    Building Information Mindfulness - 8 Tips To Extract Your Head From The Sand

    Join this exciting webinar by internationally acclaimed speaker, award winning author, lawyer, professor and consultant to help technology, business and information professionals rethink what matters and unthink the stuff that doesn’t build success.

    Featuring Randy Kahn, a highly sought-after speaker, and a two time recipient of the Britt Literary Award, this session provides 8 steps to building a plan across compliance, technology and business requirements. He has written numerous published works, including; “Chucking Daisies,” “Email Rules,” “Information Nation: Seven Keys to Information Management Compliance,” “Information Nation Warrior” and “Privacy Nation.”   Randy is truly an industry veteran on the topics of information governance and managing risk and will provide practical advice on working cross-functionally to get the most value from your information. 


    Speaker Bio

    Mr. Kahn and his consulting team have been recognized across the globe as leaders in Information Governance.  The Kahn Consulting team has provided consulting services to major global organizations including, advising the US and Foreign governments, courts systems, and major multi-national corporations on a wide variety of Information Management issues, including Information Governance, information security, privacy, Cloud storage strategies, Data Governance, e-communications policies and strategies, social media policy, records and information management programs implementation and litigation response processes.  Mr. Kahn has been an expert witness in major court cases, and is a trusted advisor and consultant to corporations and governmental agencies.

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