Brand Protection

    Brand Exploitation: Design Your Marketing Strategy To Protect In The Time Of COVID-19

    Marketing and security professionals are coming together to get ahead of the game and take down websites impersonating their company’s brand before attackers have a chance to target their valued customers. Listing to our webinar for “Building Brand Resilience,” a panel discussion of CMOs, Brand Strategists, and Security Experts talking through the growing threat of brand exploitation and providing actionable tips for your brand protection plan. Mimecast is taking the complexity out of Brand Reputation Protection without using any of your internal resources or manpower, allowing you to get back to what’s important – your brand and your customers.

    In this session you will hear these three strategies to implement:

    1. Team up with your security to be ready and prepared to respond when an attack happens
    2. Align your crisis communications strategy
    3. Responding at the time of the attack.
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