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    Mimecast For Manufacturing  

    Manufacturers are morphing their business models through the integration of robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and cloud computing in a quest to realize the Smart Factory. While email will fuel this integration and grow in strategic value, the risks of cybercrime, poor data governance, and downtime stand to block manufacturers from fully capitalizing on this opportunity.

    No matter where you are on your Smart Factory journey, Mimecast can help improve your email cyber resilience by providing:

    • Layered security to protect against ransomware, impersonation exploits, and internal threats raised by the rapid adoption of IoT
    • Immutable archives with robust activity logging, and advanced case review tools
    • 100% email availability SLA for continuous access to emails, archives, and send/receive functionality
    • Mobile apps for anytime, anywhere access to employees to streamline collaboration and ease helpdesk burdens

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