Mimecast Survey Reveals 67 Percent of Companies Have Mobilized Workforce; 41 Percent Support Bring-Your-Own-Device

    Survey Conducted at Exchange Connections Event in November 2011 Highlights Plans and Concerns for Company Mobility

    WALTHAM, Mass. - Mimecast®, the leading supplier of cloud-based email archiving, continuity and security for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, announces its findings from a survey of more than 600 IT administrators and other industry professionals at the Exchange Connections conference held in Las Vegas last month. The survey found that 41 percent of all respondents indicated their company has deployed bring your own device policies. However, the survey also found that small- to medium-sized businesses have been quicker to support employee devices and mobility, compared to larger companies.

    The survey reveals results around company mobile device support and support for teleworkers:

    Device Support Constraints
    When asked how many different mobile devices the respondent’s company supports, the results show that organizations aren’t flexible in supporting multiple device types from the onset. For example, 28% of companies with 4,999 employees and less support three or more devices, and only 14% of these companies support five or more.

    The results show the majority of organizations are still constrained when it comes to device support options within their workplace. The coming years represent a potentially challenging time for many IT departments in their efforts to deploy company-wide support and properly control this wider proliferation of mobile devices within a secure environment.

    Mobile Worker Support Challenges
    The responses also showed 12% of companies with 100-1,000 employees have workers telecommuting between 25% and 50% of the time. For companies with 1-100 employees, 36% have 25% or more of their workforce working outside the office. For companies with 100 to 1,000 employees, the number of mobile workers jumps to 42%. Companies with 1,000 to 4,999 employees had the highest level of support for their mobile workers, with 44% having a quarter or more of their workforce typically online, outside the office.

    When asked about the percentage of employees working outside the office, a high number of respondents indicated at least some of their employees are taking advantage of teleworking opportunities. Small and mid-sized businesses currently have the highest degree of mobile worker support across the employee base. That said, 100% of businesses surveyed still lack enterprise-wide mobile infrastructure and resources to support their complete employee base, significantly inhibiting employee productivity and business opportunity. 

    “These survey results provide valuable insight into the current environment within today’s IT departments,” said David Goldberg, vice president of product strategy at Mimecast. “An event as focused on IT administration as ‘Exchange Connections’ provides a unique opportunity to garner an inside view of IT operations across a variety of industries and company sizes, and gain insight into what is keeping IT administrators up at night. The results clearly show that worker mobility matters, but IT departments need solutions that can quickly support all platforms, while ensuring  business security and employee flexibility.”

    The majority of respondents worked within finance, healthcare/pharmaceutical, manufacturing or government sectors. Respondents represented a variety of company sizes, with 58% of the attendee companies having 1,000 employees or less, 28% having between 1,000 and 4,999 employees and 14% with 5,000 employees and above.

    For more information, please visit the Mimecast Mobile Access page http://www.mimecast.com/What-we-offer/Mobile-Access/


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