Meet Mimecast at the IT Security Conference 2018.

Is your digital immune system up and running? Are you sufficiently protected against cyber attacks? Are you really "Cyber Resilient"?

  • Learn at the IT-Security Conference 2018 how to protect your e-mail system against complex e-mail attacks with Mimecast, how to realize a high level of reliability even in case of an attack, as well as a comfortable and fast archive.
  • Visit the keynotes of renowned experts, technical presentations and live demos.
  • Use the workshops and roundtables of the conference to exchange ideas with other users.

Mimecast sessions on-site:

  • Technology outlook: “It's time for a new approach - why you need a cyber resilience strategy."
  • Workshop: “Cyber Resilience in practice - how to position yourself effectively against modern threats.”

The entire agenda can be found here.

IT-Security Conference 2018 Hamburg
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 7:00 AM
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