Mimecast Threat Intelligence

Get inside the minds of your attackers and respond to cyber threats faster and more effectively

Staying current with the strategies cyber attackers use to cause harm is a significant challenge for organizations of all sizes. While data is available, tracking and deriving insights from the volume of information necessary to keep pace is a daunting task. What you need most is information specific to your environment – how you’ve been targeted, what cyber threats have been blocked and why, a benchmark against others, and what actions you can take to ensure protections are optimized.  Download this data sheet to learn more about the components and capabilities of Mimecast’s Threat Intelligence, including:

  • The Threat Dashboard, a standard feature included with Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway*
  • Threat Remediation, available for customers with IEP, allows you to remediate directly through the Dashboard or your SIEM, SOAR or TIP
  • Threat Feed, Mimecast’s threat intelligence and threat remediation API bundle

*  Threat Dashboard and Threat Intel APIs are included as standard features only for customers with Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway (SEG).  They are designed to consolidate information about malicious attachments detected at both the anti-virus and the Targeted Threat Protection-Attachment Protect (TTP-AP) layer of protection.  Mimecast recommends as a best practice that all customers upgrade to a service that includes SEG and TTP-AP.  Please contact your Mimecast representative or partner for more details on these features or to discuss an upgrade if necessary.

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