UK bank chooses Mimecast to thwart customer phishing attacks

From continuous website cloning attacks to zero in just two months

At a Glance

  • Regional UK bank
  • £1bn in assets


  • Reputation and customer trust was being eroded as the banks website was being repeatedly cloned, with fraudsters tricking their customers into handing over credentials and other sensitive information.
  • Two man days a week were being spent trying to manually detect and remediate these attacks.
  • Takedown processes were adhoc, with the bank using slow and unresponsive ISP and legal routes with limited success.


  • Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect


  • Within 2 months, the bank eradicated all customer impacting attacks – if any threats were detected, they were taken down before they could target customers.
  • Internal staff time was freed up due to the automated detection and managed response from Mimecast.
  • Customer trust and the bank’s reputation were restored.


“For the first time, we were ahead of the game. Cloned websites were being detected and removed before they had a chance to target anyone, and without any internal resources or manpower on our part.”

IT security and infrastructure manager

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